Murder on the Cruise Ship

Royal Chamberlayne Cruise Line's newest signature ship, Class of 2016, sets sail at 6pm. Boarding is at 5:45. Get your souvenir photo taken by our professional photographer as you board the ship. Then get a drink and mingle with the other passengers.

Or take a quick tour around the deck and check out the fabulous raffle items. A member of the purser's office will sell you a ticket for $1 or six tickets for $5 which you can drop into the jar by the item you want to win. He will also sell you tickets for the 50-50 raffle -- the more people who play, the bigger the pot.

Pretty soon, the Cruise Director will welcome you aboard and walk you through the schedule on your Cruise And Travel Guide (known as your CAT Guide, for short). Then get ready for karaoke, trivia contests, line dance lessons, corn hole competition, and an improv comedy show -- in between visiting the free buffet including soft drinks, water, and iced tea.

Your boarding documents entitle you to a beer or a glass of wine. After that, Purser Lotta Cash will sell you tickets for $2 or three for $5, and two tickets will get you another beer or glass of wine.

Cruise fare is $30, or gather a group of ten or more and come for $25 each. Get your tickets at Remember, as on any cruise, accommodations are planned in advance, so tickets will not be available at the boarding ramp.

So get out your shorts and sandals and sunglasses and get ready to relax on this restful and soothing cruise. Nothing upsetting or nefarious could possibly happen. Right? Surely there couldn't be any sort of crime committed that you, the passengers, would help solve? Surely not. Right?

Event date

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 6:00pm