The Red Eye 10s for 2019 are done.  We fully intend to bring the event back in 2020, so keep an eye on this space.


We also hope to have video from the event posted here soon.


The Red Eye 10s International Play Festival is back at Chamberlayne Actors Theatre!


What are the Red Eye 10s?  The Red Eye 10s International Play Festival features six 10-minute original plays in multiple theaters around the world ON THE SAME DAY! Our family of Red Eye hosts produce the six plays and share that process with everyone else involved through social media and our website. It’s a worldwide collaboration and celebration of new work.  After a year off, Chamberlayne Actors Theatre is proud to be an Eastern Time Zone host of the Festival.


We are part of the Festival's Encore weekend this year, with performance night on Saturday, October 19.   As every host will, we’re starting at 8pm local time. 


Tickets are now on sale (click here).


Please note that all tasks are volunteer and no roles are paid.  You will be fed, though.  We’re going to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner on October 19.


We need volunteers for all of the following:


CREW – We are looking for a stage manager, sound/light operator, and social media coordinator. 

VIDEO – We are looking for a person or team to videotape all six plays.  This video is requested by, and will be posted on, the Red Eye 10s website.

DIRECTORS – We are looking for six directors, each of whom will take a 10-minute one-act play from table read to stage in 24 hours.

ACTORS – We are looking for 23 actors.  There is no audition.  On Friday, October 18, at 7pm, all of our actors will assemble at the theatre to be drawn randomly (gender- and age-blind) into one of the six casts.  Each cast will do a table reading that night and cast their play before leaving the theatre.  Plays will be rehearsed from 7:30am to 4pm Saturday, October 19 at Atlee HS.


If you have any questions, or to register/apply, please email to indicate what you’re interested in doing.  


October 1 – deadline for directors, video and crew to email to register.
October 8 – deadline for actors to email to register.
October 11 (possibly a day or two earlier) – directors will be randomly drawn into their plays, and get the scripts for the first time.
October 18 – actors will be randomly drawn into their plays and do a first table reading.
October 19 – rehearsals all day, performance at 8pm at Chamberlayne Actors Theatre.



  • Show and Tell by Jenny Lyn Bader (2w/2m)

  • Death’s Defeat by Diana Burbano (2w/1m)

  • Private Considerations by Scott Carter Cooper (4w)

  • Check Me Out by Emily Hagerman (2w/1m/1gn)

  • The Candidate by Elin Hampton (3m)

  • Tricks and Treats by Ken Preuss (2w/2m/1gn)



For more information, visit the Red Eye 10s website.