This Season's Bifocals Shows

An adaptation from Anton Chekhov by Roy Proctor. Three of Chekhov’s and Proctor’s funniest short works.

The Drinking Game: A financially comfortable middle-aged Russian man is in the market for a wife, so he enlists the help of the local marriage broker. Clever and humorous to start with, the story only gets better with a bottle of wine.

Settling the Score: A distraught man wants to buy a gun to shoot his wife and her lover, no wait, maybe just the lover, but no, maybe he’ll kill himself, but wait – the whole time, driving the gun salesman crazy.

The Would-Be Playwright: An aspiring writer passionate about her work finally gains an audience with a respected man of letters and reads aloud all nine acts until he just can’t take it any more.

Touring August 28-September 29, 2017. At CAT September 11, 2:30 and 8p.

Ruth is head-over-heels busy with preparations for a surprise party she’s throwing for one of her best friends.  Her husband makes his escape early in the day, leaving her to arrange everything by herself. With one person after another dropping in to distract her and with plans going up in smoke all day long, it’s Murphy’s Law at its best (or maybe at its worst): What can go wrong will go wrong.  

Touring October 30-November 17, 2017. At CAT November 15, 2:30 and 8p.

Everyone knows a little Shakespeare. “To be or not to be” spoken by Hamlet; “Double, double toil and trouble” spoken by Macbeth’s witches; “The quality of mercy is not strained” spoken by Portia in The Merchant of Venice.  A cadre of Bifocals actors will present a selection of your favorite best-known scenes and soliloquies from Shakespeare’s timeless body of work.

Touring January 29-February 16, 2018. At CAT February 12, 2:30 and 8p.

A musical by Albert Allen

Casey McDonald came back home to live on the farm after Grandpappy died. Life hasn’t been especially easy for Alice and him, and when friends and relatives show up with troubles of their own, all four couples share their memories and hopes and dreams.  You’ll hear lots of old-favorite songs that will make you want to sing along. And, of course, we’re expecting a happy ending, aren’t we?

Touring April 2-20, 2018. At CAT April 16, 2:30 and 8p.